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New 2024 Toyota Highlander Exterior, Interior Design

2024 Toyota Highlander: Speculation and Overview

2024 Toyota Highlander: Speculation and Overview

2024 Toyota Highlander – The Toyota Highlander is a midsize three-row SUV with decent performance and a good appearance. This is the perfect car for a family, as it has more passenger capacity than the average SUV. In addition, the price of this car is also affordable, so it’s not too heavy to buy it.

The Highlander has several significant advantages, especially in passenger seat capacity. Another advantage may be a qualified performance and a fairly affordable price. We hope that all of these things will remain the same in the future, especially in 2024. Incidentally, we are now going to do some speculation and overview about the 2024 Toyota Highlander. So, please read this article to the end.

2024 Toyota Highlander Exterior Design
2024 Toyota Highlander Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Although it looks like an SUV in general and doesn’t have significant advantages, the Highlander is still worth considering. Its classy and modern appearance is perfect for everyday use in urban areas. Although the shape and appearance look simple, the Highlander still gives the impression of luxury to those who see it. So, this car can be a perfect choice as the main car.

Interior Design

Toyota Highlander provides 8 passenger seats, and that’s more than other SUVs which usually only have 5 or 7 passenger seats. Highlander interior should look elegant and luxurious, and a little futuristic, and use good quality materials. In addition, the features that the highlander has must be qualified especially features related to safety, comfort, convenience, and others.

2024 Toyota Highlander Interior Design
2024 Toyota Highlander Interior Design

Engine and Performance

The 2022 Highlander is available in many trim levels, and the cheapest one has pretty decent specs. The engine measures 3.5 L with a V6 cylinder, the resulting horsepower reaches 295 hp @ 6,600 rpm, and a torque of 263 lb-ft @ 4,700 rpm. Because of this, we think it’s OK if the 2024 Toyota Highlander doesn’t get a significant performance boost unless it’s necessary.

Infotainment and Connectivity

As a family car with 8 passenger seats, the Highlander is sure to be widely used as an everyday car or for long trips. For this reason, this car must have qualified entertainment features, to get the best entertainment while driving. Some examples of expected entertainment features include an infotainment screen, USB connection, USB with external media control, AM/FM stereo, 6 total speakers, and Satellite radio.


In addition to entertainment features, other features are also very important for Highlander to have. At least, the features related to security and safety are very important and must be of good quality. Some examples are Emergency braking assist, Tire pressure monitoring, Dusk sensing headlamps, Auto delay off headlamps, Overhead console with storage, Front seatback storage, Three-zone climate control, and Rear ventilation ducts with fan control.

2024 Toyota Highlander Pricing and Release Date

Based on edmunds.com, the 2022 Highlander has many variants of trim levels with varying prices. However, we don’t think the price increase will be significant. The price increase that occurs in the 2024 Toyota Highlander is only around $200 – $1,500. As for the release date, expect Highlander to be released in Q1 or Q2 of 2024.

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